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Liege Carex

Welcome to the Liege Carex website

Liege Airport is the 1st European airport to have built its development strategy on full cargo and, secondarily, on passenger charters and scheduled low-cost flights. 

This strategy has paid off, as Liege Airport has conquered 5th place in the ranking of European airports, with more than 1,400,000 tonnes of freight in 2021, and has held 1st place in Belgium since 2009. In 2021, Liege Airport also joined the world's top 20 largest cargo airports. It has also been awarded the title of World Cargo Airport of the Year on several occasions.   

Located in the center of Europe, Liege Airport borders on a motorway junction where 7 European freeways converge, linking it directly to France, Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. 

The airport boasts moreover a major economic development zone of some 400 hectares, dedicated to the transport and logistics professions and related services. 

These combined assets have made Liege Airport an essential link in the transport and logistics sector, not only recognized by the Walloon government, but also perfectly integrated into the "core network" defined by the European Commission.


It was therefore only natural that the possibility of building a Liège Carex (Cargo Rail Express) railport should arise next to the airport of Liège. Located at the end of the runway, on the "Cubber" plain, the railport would benefit from a convenient connection to the high-speed rail lines to Brussels and Germany, and could thus accommodate the European high-speed freight line initiated by the Euro Carex non-profit association as soon as it came into service.


While working on this express freight line, Liège Carex is also focusing on the development of conventional rail freight from the Liege Logistics road-rail platform. This initiative is being carried out in close collaboration with Liege Airport, with the aim of setting up a genuine multimodal offer in cooperation with other operators in the Liege area.


Thank you for your attention.


Françoise LEJEUNE

Président de l'asbl Liège Carex